Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well, it's 2 days before Thanksgiving, and I've been sewing, sewing, sewing... I haven't posted a note on here in quite a while, and I want to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is Italian Stringing?

These angled draperies with a straight hem line are a somewhat difficult treatment to fabricate, even for some of the most experienced drapery workrooms. Italian Stringing is a method of "stringing" or "opening" your draperies. Draperies with Italian Stringing are typically "fixed" at the top, so the only parts that move are the bottoms of the drapery panels, and there is a cord or multiple cords attached to the back of the panels that are pulled to open the draperies. The panels in this photograph are stationary, so the Italian Stringing is not functional. Also notice that the hem line is straight across the floor. If this were not taken into consideration when fabricating the panels, the leading edge would be raised off of the floor.

1/2 Arch Cuffed Valance

Here is a valance that I created. It is a Cuffed Valance, and I skillfully altered my pattern to frame a 1/2 arch window. This treatment is made from two decorator fabrics, one for the face of the treatment, and one for the contrast lining. The transom window on the left of the photograph has the straight Cuffed Valance, and the window on the right of the photograph has the 1/2 Arch Cuffed Valance. There were two 1/2 arch windows in this room (on each side of a fireplace), and there is a mirror image of the treatment on the right on the other side of the fireplace.

Guest Bedroom

When your guests visit your home, are they treated to guest quarters that look like this? If not, why? Guests of this client get the royal treatment. I made the coronas over the beds, the draperies, and the bolster pillows. The bed covers were outsourced to a quilting company. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photograph, but the tops of all the draperies are diamond smocked.

Challenging Window

This window is in a guest bedroom. Can you guess how long those swags are? From the peak to the bottom of the swags is 6 feet. Each swag is mounted on a 6 foot board. These were some massive swags! This window treatment framed the clients view of a river beautifully.

Antique French Carvings

What do you do with those antique French carvings that you proudly display on your wall above your sliding glass door? Accentuate them with fabric! Look what I can do. :P
This is one of my favorite window treatments. The client was enraptured.

16th Century France - King Louis XV

Here is a super fancy treatment that has probably the most difficult cascades for any workroom to make. It is something that you would find in the times of King Louis XV in France. This window treatment is always a favorite of many of my clients.

1st Place Home Theater

Oh, what a delight to visit this client's house. The plan was to design a home theater that resembled one of the old theaters from the 1920's. One of the client's friends encouraged them to enter this theater into a national competition, and he reluctantly did so. Well, what do you know, he won 1st place. There are 4 layers to this treatment, and 2 of the layers are motorized. The first layer is the swags, the second layer is a straight valance, the third layer are motorized drapery panels, and the 4th layer is a motorized balloon shade. Most everything in this room is vintage or a reproduction, and it truly takes them back to the good ol' days, and they are living happily in their retirement.

New and Different Pleat and Leading Edge

Here is a newly fabricated pleat design called the Magnolia Pleat with a contrast fabric on the inside of the pleat and button detail. The leading edge also has button details. You can see a micro-welt along the top edge and leading edge of this drapery panel. It is stunning! The home owner was so thrilled, that I received one of the nicest thank you letters with a nice gratuity.

Window Treatment Design Options

Here are 3 examples of different window treatment ideas that I presented to a client. As you can see from these computer renderings, I designed on a photograph of their actual dining room window. This ensures that the scale, proportion, and design are what the customer will like. The customer wanted a green check with 3" squares. I am able to download fabric samples from vendor's web sites or scan the fabric, and my software can crop and adjust the fabric image, and then I can set the scale of the fabric and apply it to the window treatment design. When I receive a deposit and a signed contract, fabric can be ordered and fabrication can begin.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pattern Drafting Services

In addition to making draperies, I also offer pattern drafting services for other professional drapery workrooms. Here is a photograph of a completed window treatment from a pattern that I drafted for a workroom in Sarasota, FL. The designer wanted an arched Waterfall Swag treatment with specific long points and short points. As you can see, my pattern allowed the other workroom to create a beautiful window treatment, and the client was very happy.